Starting school in 2024

Topirum Primary School will commence operation for the first school day of the year 2024!


All students enrolled will commence school on Tuesday 30th January 2024. This includes prep to grade 6. 


Prep students only: Prep students do not attend school on the following days:

  • Wednesday 31st January
  • Wednesday 7th February
  • Wednesday 14th February
  • Wednesday 21st February
  • Wednesday 28th February 
  • Wednesday 6th March 

On these days, prep students will have an appointment at the school for a literacy assessment, as required by the Department of Education. Your child's class teacher will organise your child's appointment on the first day of school. Each class will have a booking sheet available.


School Hours:

School starts at 8.45am

School finishes at 3.15pm   


School Schedule:

There are 6 50 minute sessions each school day.

There are 2 periods of outside playtime- RECESS and LUNCH.  

  • Session 1 8.45- 9.35am
  • Session 2 9.35-10.25am
  • RECESS PLAYTIME 10.25-10.55am (30 minutes)
  • Session 3 10.55-11.45am
  • Session 4 11.45-12.35pm
  • EATING TIME (in classrooms) (10 minutes) 
  • LUNCH PLAYTIME 12.45-1.35pm ( 50 minutes)
  • Session 5 1.35-2.25pm 
  • Session 6 2.25-3.15pm 

Specialist classes:

Each class will have 5 specialist sessions per week.

This will include: physical education, digital learning, art and drama. 


Bell Times:

  • 8.45am (commence of school day)
  • 10.25am (commence RECESS)
  • 10.55am (end RECESS)
  • 12.45pm (commence LUNCH PLAYTIME)
  • 1.35pm (end LUNCH PLAYTIME)
  • 3.15pm (end of school day)


School Opening Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony

This will be held on Friday 9th February, 2024. 

It will be conducted by elders of the Bunurong Land Council.  

It will commence at 9.30am.

Parents/Carers will be invited to this.


Official School Opening Event

The school will officially be opened by the Victorian Minister of Education

on Tuesday 27th February at 9.30am. The event wil take place in the school gym. 

Parents and members of the school community are invited to attend this special occasion.  

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