Frequently Asked Questions

Does the school have a phone number?

Yes. It is now on the school website. Ringing the number will get you the holiday message.

The phone will be active from Monday 29th January, 2024. 


What are the school reception office hours?

Reception opens Monday- Friday, at 8.20am.

Reception closes Monday - Friday, at 3.40pm. 


What are the term dates?

Term 1, 2024 starts for students on Tuesday 30th January.

Term 1 ends on Thursday 28th March. 


What time does school start and finish?

School commences at 8.45am. School finishes at 3.15pm 


Will students be given homework?

The school Homework Policy will be developed in consultation with the school council.


The Homework Policy will aim to:

  • provide opportunities for students to review, revise and reinforce newly acquired skills
  • provide opportunities for students to apply new knowledge
  • provide opportunities for students to prepare for future lessons
  • encourage students to enrich or extend knowledge individually, collectively and imaginatively
  • foster good lifelong learning and study habits
  • support learning partnerships with parents/carers

How will the school manage increasing enrolments in 2024?

The school will start with 9 classes. 

Based on the total enrolment numbers at the end of December, 2023, class

sizes are low, averaging 19 per class. This enables the school to absorb more students

during the 2024 school year. 

Please note, classes may need to be split into additional classes, if

class size numbers get too large. This is an inevitable outcome of the first year of a new school.

As you may be aware, the school is located in a very high growth area. 

The principal will communicate class size information, and the need for class splits if needed,

throughout the year. 


Will there be a canteen in 2024?

No, initially the canteen space wil be used by OSHC- DS Sports. 


I am interested in joining the Topirum Primary School Council?

Please contact Marc via school reception. Elections will occur early in term 1, 2024. 


Is the school uniform compulsory?

Yes, all students must comply with the Student Dress Code Policy. Noone are the official

suppliers of the school uniform. The Student Dress Code Policy was approved by the interim school council on 23rd November, 2023. 


Do students have to wear hats?

The designated school hat, as part of the uniform, is required to be worn outside during RECESS and 

LUNCH playtimes during the Sun Smart Policy advised periods. This is typically terms 1 and 4. Hats

will also be compulsory for sport outside. 


Is there a before and after school care service?

Yes. DS Sports are the providers. Please see more information about the service here 'DS Sports link'


When will the onsite kindergarten open?

The kinder onsite is expected to open in 2025. 


Will there be student photos?

Yes. This is booked for Tuesday 7th May, 2024. 


Will there be school camps and excursions?

No school camps are planned for 2024. Depending on student numbers, we will look

at the option of camps for 2025. Excursions and incursions will occur in 2024.  


Do I need to provide an art smock for my child for art classes?

The school is providing a set of art smocks for students to wear in art classes.

Your child will be provided this as needed by the art teacher. 

If you chose to provide an art smock for your child, you may do so. It will be your

child's responsibility to bring this to art. 


Does my child require a library bag?

All students purchase a 'Library Bag' as part of the uniform purchase list.


For students in prep, grade 1, grade 2

The purchased school logoed Library Bag is used for take-home reading books and printed notices.

We recommend students also have a separate library bag. This can be any bag- see picture below for ideas. This allows for students to bring home the larger sized picture story books from the library and makes it easier for students to return their library books weekly.


For students in grade 3, grade 4, grade 5, grade 6

The purchased school logoed Library Bag can be used for any take home readers, printed notices and borrowed library books. (Not required to purchase a separate library bag.)


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